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You can judge the quality of a business not only how they treat their own customers, but also how they treat the various vendors with whom they do business. For myself; as an owner of my own business I have enjoyed working with Shaffer’s Tire & Auto and have found them as solid in their word clear communicators.

Timothy H
Burlingame, CA

It isn’t often we trust referring our customers to another supplier but when it comes to tires and alignments, We feel our customers are in good hands with Shaffer’s Tire. For years they have provided excellent service to the customers we referred to Steve and Paul.

Nick T
Burlingame, CA

Wow, I found these guys on Yelp, and all the recommendations and talk about these guys honesty was absolutely true!

I had a nail in my tire; they fixed my tire and had me back on the road in less than 30 minutes. I just had new brakes put on and I was told I severely needed new tires. The Shaffer guys took a look at my tires, told me I have another 20,000 miles on them, and that I shouldn't worry about tires just yet.

I am happy because I live in San Mateo, and there are a lot of these small places around, but this place is that dream garage...the one where the mechanics are honest, friendly, and sincere.

I told them I come back, and I will.

Michael C.
San Mateo, CA

Great service, fast, good price and friendly. Can't ask for anything more. Would use these guys again.

Tony N.
Burlingame, CA

Next time I would go to Shafer's first! Here's why...

I got new tires put onto my car at San Mateo Wheelworks, and Wheelworks recommended that I pay them another $189 on top of my bill to add some shims to my wheels. It totally didn't sound right to me because 1) I had just paid them to "align" my wheels so why would it need shimming, and 2) Wheelworks had inspected my wheels just a few months prior and never pointed this out to me. So I decided to get a second opinion and through my mechanic's recommendation, ended up at Shafer's. The nice guys there ran some tests and determined that it wasn't necessary for that work to be done. Shafer's not only DID NOT charge me for the 2-hour inspection, but ended up saving me $189 in unnecessary work. I would definitely skip Wheelworks go to Shafer's instead for good, honest expertise on tires!

Paintchip D.
San Mateo, CA

No hassle, fair prices, friendly service. Paul was helpful and friendly. I'll be taking my car here for all future tire services

Rob A
Burlingame, CA

Steve turned an inconvenience (flat tire on my car this morning...nail), into a practically enjoyable experience. He was friendly, handled my tire fix with no appointment and got me back on the road when promised. All for 20 bucks.

Great place. And quick walk to either Burlingame Ave or Broadway if you have any time to wait (I got my watch dropped off at Kern's while he got the tire back on my car). Couldn't be happier with service from Shaffer's.

Amy A.
Burlingame, CA

After two recent visits, I've been very happy with Shaffer's. They repaired a slow leak in my right rear, and not too long afterwards replaced both rear tires. No wait. Both appointments were very fast and immediate. The shop itself is a great garage, and service was friendly. Highly recommended.

Do yourself a favor and go to Shaffer's, instead of the chains.

Nicklaus D
Manhattan, NY

Shaffer's is the best! I took my truck there for an oil change and asked them to do an inspection. It was either Steve or Paul who took care of my truck. He told me I needed front brake pads and roaters. He was very honest about everything and didn't try to gouge me with unnecessary repairs/parts.

My truck had been making a crazy noise for a while and I kept getting the run around from different places regarding what the noise was. Shaffer's figured it out when changing the brakes and didn't even charge me for it! He told me the screws in the front bumper/fender were loose. Wow! Even a good buddy of mine was suggesting it was the new shocks....totally wrong.

Overall, the bill came to $491. Not bad considering what they did. They really put a lot of TLC into a sick truck. My truck drives so much better now!

Ryan M
San Francisco, CA

Absolutely great service!!!

My alignment was legit and the rotation made my car drive better. I got a great price, and the mechanic was very detailed with me about what I needed to get done. He gave me smart recommendations on what and when I need things fixed on my car because I wanted to make sure my car is good for a road trip.

Although there are other shops that may do a better job, they are not bad at all.

Reese R.
San Francisco, CA

Helpful, straightforward, friendly, honest, fast and fair! Really like this place and will return for future tires and service.

Corbie K
Menlo Park

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